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Arkham Horror LCG by Fantasy Flight Games
A living card game of Eldritch mystery for one to two players (or up to four with two core sets)
Blurs the line between traditional card gaming and roleplaying experiences
Players assume the roles of unique investigators marked by specific strengths and weakness
Investigators are opposed by the challenges from adventure-specific encounter decks
Campaign rules grant additional depth to your decisions and allows you to "level up" your deck between adventures

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Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed. by Fantasy Flight Games
A fully cooperative Lovecraftian board game with an immersive companion app which guides players, step by step, through each scenario.
Features four campaigns of varying length and difficulty!
Over 500 detailed components, including 32 plastic figures
Includes a conversion kit to integrate first edition game components
1 to 5 players, 2 to 3 hour playing time, ages 13+

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Warhammer Quest Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games
Join forces with legendary heroes to brave the many dangers of a cavernous dungeon. Wield potent weapons and magic. Conquer hordes of vile monsters. Discover fabulous treasures.
Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game is a cooperative game of heroic dungeon adventures. Players assume the roles of some of the Old World's most iconic heroes!
Ages 14+
1 to 4 players
30 to 60 minute playing time

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X-Com the Board Game by Fantasy Flight Games
In XCOM: The Board Game, you and up to three friends assume the roles of the leaders of the elite, international organization known as XCOM. It is your job to defend humanity, quell the rising panic, and turn back the escalating alien invasion coordinated by the game’s innovative, free digital companion app.
Where the world’s militaries have failed to stand against the alien invaders, you must succeed. To do so, you must make strategic use of the resources available to you. You must launch Interceptors to shoot down alien UFOs, assign soldiers to key missions, research alien technology, and use that technology to defend your base, all while you try to keep the world from collapsing just long enough that you can coordinate one final mission to repel the invaders for good.
Destroy UFOs. Research alien technology. Defend your base. Uncover the alien invasion plan. Should you fail, humanity is doomed.

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Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games
Enter the classic Star Wars saga and vie for the fate of the galaxy in the dramatic ground conflicts of Imperial Assault, a board game of tactical combat and adventure for two to five players! This game introduces two complete play experiences - a campaign game and a skirmish game. In a campaign, one to four players play heroes of the Rebellion, engaging in cinematic missions and battling the Imperial armies under the command of a single player. The skirmish game, on the other hand, allows two players to muster strike teams and battle head-to-head in Imperial bases, the jungles of Yavin 4, and other cinematic Star Wars environments.

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